Best Pancakes in Philly

Fluffy pancakes are one of the trends right now all over the world. But, where do you think the best pancake in Philadelphia is?

Philadelphia’s Cafe La Maude was named the best restaurant for pancakes in the state by Yelp, according to The list was made by looking at which
restaurants had a high mentioning of “pancakes” in reviews, and then leveraging that with the total volume and ratings of those reviews.

Cafe La Maude is really a delight. People are pretty much obsessed with their tiramisu pancakes and the Framboise, which is a ginger snap chai pancake with
raspberry yogurt, banana creme brûlée, shaved chocolate and creme anglaise, served with pistachios and rose petals.

Want to try Cafe La Maude’s pancakes for yourself? It’s located at 816 N. 4th St. in the Northern Liberties neighborhood of Philadelphia.

What about you? Who do you think, has the best pancake in Philly?



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