One of the Best Restaurants in the Northern Liberties!

Northern Liberties has a lot of famous restaurants in its community. But let me give you an example of one of the most visited
restaurants in one of Philly’s most famous neighborhoods

For the quirky diner in search of soul food, North Third is the place to be.
The restaurant’s walls and ceilings are covered with eye-catching décor. From tribal masks, to fairy lights, to a large,
sequinned eagle hanging over the bar. The funky atmosphere sets off the traditional comfort bar food, including rich
tomato soup with grilled cheese, and a range of club sandwiches and burgers. For the more experimental,
North Third has international-inspired dishes such as fish tacos and an Asian tuna burger,
as well as an impressive array of new specials advertised daily on their board. Locals can’t help but to always visit this
place because of their daily new specials to try out.

If you happen to live or visit the Northern Liberties, you have to try the North Third and enjoy a wonderful meal
with your loved ones.




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